# Overview

The CUDOS foundation supports all developers willing to contribute to the development of blockchain technologies by developing improvements and applications for the CUDOS network. CUDOS will review all research proposals, and pick the top candidates to receive funding to develop and research their topic. CUDOS will allow a wide range of research topics, including DeFi and network improvements among others.

Grants are in place to help and incentivise developers of the CUDOS community. These grants will help build the CUDOS ecosystem while creating a specialised community, where developers will be able to share ideas and knowledge. Thus, grant requests should aim to contribute to the development and growth of the CUDOS network, either by adding a new dapp, creating new functionality or improving existing solutions.

While the initial priorities are new dapps that fully use all of the CUDOS’ network potential, CUDOS wants to incentivise anyone to build valuable content for the platform and get rewarded for its usage. If you believe you have an idea to build on the ecosystem and you are eager to start designing and coding, submit here (opens new window) a proposal.

Funds for the grants granted by CUDOS will come from the CUDOS treasury. In the CUDOS release schedule there is also some allocation for these grants.